DOVECO pineapple affirms the brand and competitive position

The successful construction of “Dua Dong Giao” geographical indications for pineapple farming in Ninh Binh province contributes to expanding production, raising the position and competitiveness of products on domestic and foreign markets, increasing export capacity.

DOVECO pineapple is under strict quality control from planting stage to finished product.

Pineapple farm in Doveco occupies an important position of agricultural production in Tam Diep city (Ninh Binh). To conserve genetic resources and protect trademarks for products, within the framework of the Program of Supporting intellectual property development of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ninh Binh province has been approved and implemented the project “Construct Dong Giao geographical indications for pineapple product”.

Pineapple is grown mainly in Tam Diep city and considered the main source of farmers’s income. Over the years, pineapple now still develops and becomes the main crops for high income.

DOVECO pineapple farming occupies most of the cultivated area in Tam Diep city.

Currently, pineapple accounts for 60% of the area planted with fruit trees in Tam Diep city. There are two main varieties of pineapple: Cayen and Queen. Thanks to the application of many technological advances in production, the annual capacity of pineapple has increased rapidly from over 5,700 tons of pineapple in 2000 to over 22,800 tons in 2005 and in recent years more than 30,000 tons. Pineapple are mainly processed into canned and juice products, these are large exports with high economic value.

Nowadays, There is a number of export pineapple processing enterprises in Ninh Binh province, which has contributed to promote the pineapple cultivation development. In there, Dong Giao Foodstuff  Export Joint Stock Company (DOVECO) – one of the 6 biggest foodstuff factory in Vietnam, consumes tens of thousands of tons of vegetables and fruits every year, including products from pineapple.

DOVECO Pineapple products perfectly meets the international specifications and quality.

Currently, DOVECO has brought pineapple and other products of the province to more than 30 countries, including fastidious markets such as the US, EU, Japan, Korea …Therefore, pineapple is guaranteed to be consumed quickly with reasonable prices, ensuring revenue for farmers. Thanks to the sustainable development of pineapple, many local farmers have incomes from 3200 USD/ha, even up to 4600 USD/ ha, contributing to Tam Diep city economic development.


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  1. Hi there,

    Just inquiring about the Pineapple variety you grow – what types do you have? We are looking for supply (around 40 tonnes) that will need to be processed (aseptically filled) and then shipped to Australia. The processor must have a Kosher certification.

    1. Dear Mr. Stephen Fennell,

      Thank you for your concern.
      We have Queen, Cayeene variety and Kosher certificate also.
      Please send an email for us to for more detail.

      Thanks and regard.

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