Doveco Gia Lai’s solution: Economical irrigation on large fields

Every drought season, many families have a headache with the problem of water resources, Doveco is very successful thanks to water saving irrigation technology.

Applying economical irrigation technology to reduce the cost of hiring labor.

The water-saving irrigation technology has proved its superiority compared to the traditional irrigation method, which has been effectively applied by Dong Giao Export Foodstuff Joint Stock Company (Doveco) on a large field of fruit trees in Gia Lai.

Although it is in the dry season, the passion fruit garden of the Doveco Gia Lai Fruit and Vegetable Processing Center is still green and luscious, as if it has never been affected by weather.

Witnessing the passion fruit garden of Doveco in Ia Bang (Dak Doa district, Gia Lai), many people were surprised by the area of ​​26 hectares, but only one caregiver. The daily task of the worker is also quite leisurely, mainly to check the water pipes to see if there are any problems.

The same thing happened at Doveco’s 96-hectare orchard in Ia Phu Farm, Ia Grai district when only four workers took turns operating the irrigation system. In these gardens, small finger water pipes are connected directly from the motherboard to the 350m3 water tank and run parallel on the surface of each bed.

At each passion fruit root, there is a rain water drain valve that helps the plant absorb water effectively. On a large area, but the water pipes are installed scientifically and rarely happen. Just one operation opens the power bridge, Doveco’s large passion fruit garden has been completely moistened.

The drain valve is located at each tree stump to stop water loss.

In fact, economical irrigation technology is not new, but not many people know to apply it, especially when traditional sprinkler irrigation is wasting water and labor.

Referring to the economical irrigation model, Mr. Du Van Hoan, Head of Raw Materials Department of Doveco Gia Lai said that all of Doveco’s passion fruit gardens (about more than 12,000 ha) are currently invested in Gia Lai province all uses economical irrigation models.

On average of 1 ha, Doveco invested in irrigation equipment, saving about 11 million VND, including piping systems, pumps, and reservoirs. Accordingly, Doveco applies the method of watering directly to the stump of the tree with 3.5 plugs attached to the non-flexible pipe 27. According to Mr. Hoan, water saving technology helps to keep the soil moisture according to the needs of growth and development. and the plants are not exhausted by lack of watering.

“The effect of economical irrigation technology is that the amount of water is evenly distributed to the plants in each watering time, so Doveco has enough water to maintain watering all year round,” said Mr. Hoan. Mr. Hoan calculated that one hectare of passion fruit, if irrigated normally in 6 months, runs out of 50,000- 55,000 m3, while when using irrigation technology, it saves only 3,600 blocks of water.

Lemons grow well, giving high yield when applied economical irrigation

In addition, economical irrigation also reduces the cost of hiring labor. In the past, with one hectare, Doveco had to employ 6 workers to manually irrigate, the monthly rental cost was about 18 million VND. Meanwhile, the cost of using economical irrigation technology is only 1/10 compared to manual irrigation.

On the other hand, applying economical irrigation helps plants grow well, improve productivity and quality, and at the same time limit weeds in the garden due to not being watered. “The efficiency of economical irrigation technology has enabled Doveco to produce stably and expand the area of fruit trees in areas where water is scarce,” said Mr. Hoan.


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